Dear church,

It was wonderful to see so many of you on the Zoom call for worship yesterday; you can find a recording of most of the service here. Given that social distancing guidelines have now been extended through April on a national level, we are now planning to worship by zoom on Sundays at 9am through April 26. The link and telephone number to join each Sunday should remain the same: click here or dial 312-626-6799 (ID: 382-089-960).

For next Sunday, which is Palm Sunday, we plan to share another home worship guide at the end of the week as well as ideas for kids to make their own ‘palm branches’ to wave during the service. Please let me know any ideas you have for how we can support each other in worship, community, and otherwise. We are trying to post all these resources at

There are times when I as a preacher am not sufficiently thoughtful in what I say, and an illustration in yesterday’s sermon is unfortunately an example of this. I spoke about our kids using a neighbor’s trampoline and didn’t give any context for how this fits with current social distancing requirements, which was potentially confusing. The context I should have mentioned is that our kids are, as far as we know, the only ones using the trampoline, and our neighbors stay in their home when we come to their backyard. Please accept my apology.

I’m excited for our church to pray and fast together tomorrow!

In Christ,
Pastor Jeff