Dear church,
This week, I’ve been reading some essays English playwright Dorothy Sayers wrote during World War II. One line I’ve been meditating on is such good news for sinner and sufferer (me and you). She’s describing Jesus’ followers after his resurrection (also me and you): “They had seen the strong hands of God twist the crown of thorns into a crown of glory, and in hands as strong as that they knew themselves safe.”
We continue to monitor what Illinois, Oak Park, and Chicago are mandating and advising for church gatherings. As talk has begun about reopening phases and possible timelines, we will stay in touch with you. One real possibility is that we will have a gradual transition from (a) our current status of only zoom meetings to (b) a combination of zoom and limited size in-person meetings to (c) the freedom of unlimited size in-person meetings. The when, what, and how are things we will figure out together in the weeks and months ahead.
However it is that we do meet, the fundamental truths remain: we are Christ’s church; His Spirit is with us; in whatever circumstances we find ourselves, his grace is sufficient and He opens for us ways to rest in Him and to love Him and neighbor. I’m excited for us to keep reminding each other of these truths and to keep helping each other live in light of them. After all, His hands are strong!
In Christ,
Pastor Jeff