Adapted by our own Evan Nielsen from “A liturgy before a meal eaten alone,” in Every Moment Holy, by Douglas Kaine McKelvey

You created us for companionship,
O God, for the sharing of burdens,
for the joining of celebrations,
for gathering in fellowship,
and so it is not unnatural
that we should feel a particular sorrow
when worshiping alone.

Sit with me and linger
in this solitary place, O Lord.
Sit with me as my father.
Sit with me as my brother.
Sit with me as my shepherd.
Sit with me as my friend.

In the absence of my church family,
may I know more fully your presence.
In this silence where there is no conversation,
may I more clearly hear your voice.

Use my own temporary loneliness
to work in me a more effectual sympathy
for others who are often alone,
and who long for the companionship
of their God and of his people.

When the quarantine ends,
let me be more intentional
in the practice of hospitality.
Let me sometimes be the reason
the loneliness of another is relieved.
Meet me now in my own loneliness, O Lord.
Meet me here in worship. I need your
provision for my life in this hour.