God has given generously, and we want to respond generously.

Members of Boulevard are encouraged to cultivate habits of giving joyfully and generously. Giving can be practiced on Sundays using the offering boxes in the back, electronically, or online. See below for particular ways to give. Every dollar given to Boulevard Presbyterian Church supports our church’s ministry to its members and to our local community. We give because God has been gracious to us.

Give Online

You can give securely online by card or bank transfer using the button below.

Give by Check

You can give via check on Sundays or by mail. Make your check payable to Boulevard Presbyterian Church. Mail your check to: Boulevard Presbyterian Church, 607 Harvard St, Oak Park, IL 60304.

Give via Bill Pay

Many banks allow you to schedule a one-time or recurring gift through your bank account online. This is similar to giving a check, but your bank will electronically generate a check and mail it to Boulevard. Contact your bank to see if this is an option for you. Please indicate when you set up bill pay whether this is for the general fund or a dedicated account. Have checks mailed to:

Boulevard Presbyterian Church
607 Harvard St
Oak Park, Illinois 60304

Give Electronically through Zelle

You can transfer money on a one-time or recurring basis from your account to Boulevard directly through Zelle. Simply indicate as the recipient. Many banks (including Chase) now use Zelle as a way for their customers to transfer money, and this method incurs no fee either for you or for the church. Please contact [email protected] if you have questions.